Keys to, a checklist of and critical notes on the West-European species of the genus Pluteus are given. One new section, Pluteus section Villosi Schreurs & Vellinga is described and a new combination Pluteus subsection Hispidodermini Vellinga & Schreurs is made. One new species, P. insidiosus Vellinga & Schreurs and three new varieties, viz. P. atricapillus var. albus Vellinga, P. hispidulus var. cephalocystis Schreurs and P. umbrosus var. albus Vellinga are described; the new combinations P. podospileus f. minutissimus (Maire) Vellinga and P. nanus f. griseopus (P. D. Orton) Vellinga are made. Furthermore the critical species P. ephebeus and P. plautus are fully described.