The 31 collections of Nidulariaceae in Persoon’s Herbarium, bearing 23 names in all, are revised into 8 species: Crucibulum laeve (Bull. ex DC.) Kambly, Cyathus microsporus Tul., C. olla (Batsch) ex Pers., C. poeppigii Tul., C. stercoreus (Schw.) De Toni, C. striatus (Huds.) ex Pers., C. triplex Lloyd and Nidularia farcta (Roth ex Pers.) Fr. Nine names are unpublished and hence nomina nuda. Six specimens appear to be of West Indian origin and two from Mauritius. As one West Indian specimen was named Nidularia Domingensis”, the type of Cyathus microsporus var. domingensis Tul., which is the type variety of the species, was examined and the two collections agree in most respects. However, the spores of C. microsporus are larger than is given in the literature. The spores of both C. striatus and C. triplex are reported to have a proximal notch which does not appear to have been previously reported.