Since mycologists have become aware of a significant decline of (macro) fungi in the last century due to environmental pollution and habitat destruction, conservation of fungi has become an important issue. It is not clear, however, whether conservation should be focused on the fungi themselves, the sites, the habitats or the host. This book deals with the various aspects of fungal conservation in different parts of the world. It has its origin in a Symposium organised by the British Mycological Society, complemented by some invited papers to enhance the geographic coverage of the book. In 20 chapters several subjects are dealt with, varying from microfungus diversity in Kenya to management of forest fungi in the USA, from the effects of nature management on grassland fungi in the Netherlands to biodiversity action plans in the UK, from the threats of mushroom cultivation to biodiversity in China to strategies for conservation of fungi in Sicily. A general introduction and a discussion complete the book. The book does not provide ready-made solutions for the conservation of fungi, but it does give useful suggestions about how fungi can be included in conservation projects in a range of circumstances. As such, the book is unique and recommended for all interested in fungal conservation.