This paper deals mainly with species found to have been wrongly described in, or transferred to, such genera as Beccariella, Cladoderris, Podoscypha, Polyozus, Stereum and Thelephora. The author excludes these species from the stipitate stereoid series. Descriptions and illustrations of most of them are based on type material. Many names are reduced to synonymy. One new genus is described, Hydnopolyporus Reid. Xylobolus Karst. is given sectional rank as Stereum sect. Phellina (Endl.) Reid. New combinations are made in Amauroderma (1), Clavulina (1), Clavulinopsis (1), Dacryopinax (1), Gomphus (1), Hydnopolyporus (2), Pleurotus (1), Pseudocraterellus (7) and Scytinopogon (1).