The paper presents a study of fifty-one species of agarics which have been collected within the tropical regions of Africa, particularly Uganda. Typestudies are made of species described by Beeli, Bresadola, Hennings, and Patouillard. The following eleven species are described as new: Agaricus exilis, Clitocybe hydrophora, Coprinus africanus, Crinipellis calderi, Galerina makereriensis, Marasmiellus roseotinctus, Marasmius bubalinus, Melanoleuca tropicalis, Pluteus brunneisucus, Psathyrella glandispora. One new variety is proposed: Conocybe ochracea var. africana. The following nomina nova are proposed: Clitocybe torrendii and Xerulina deseynesiana. New combinations are made in the following genera: Agaricus (1), Crinipellis (1), Cystoderma (1), Gymnopilus (1), Hohenbuehelia (1), Limacella (1), Macrolepiota (1), and Marasmiellus (1).