The family is taken in a broad, artificial sense, but exclusive of the Boletaceae and ‘Meruliaceae’ sensu lato. Of the generic names treated 229 are considered validly published, 37 not validly published, and 6 are excluded. Of each name details are given on various nomenclatorial aspects such as valid publication, typification, homonymy, status (legitimacy). The new combinations Flaviporus brownei (Humb. per Pers.) Donk and Xerotinus afer (Fr.) Donk are proposed. Attention is drawn to brief remarks made in connection with Elmerina cladophora (Berk.) Bres., Polyporus scabrosus Pers., Chaetoporus tenuis P. Karst., Polyporus medulla-panis (Jacq.) per Fr.; to the synonymy listed of Merulius alveolaris DC. and Hexagonia mori Pollini; to the valid publication of the names Fomes (Fr.) Fr., Postia Fr., and Schizopora Velen.; and to the typification of the names Antrodia P. Karst., Lignosus (Lloyd) ex Torrend, Melanopus Pat., Merisma (Fr.) Gill. and its synisonyms, Phellinus Quél., Ungulina Pat.