Cantharellus sect. Leptocantharellus Peck is an earlier name for Cantharellus subgen. Phaeocantharellus Corner. The European species fall apart in two groups (Lepto-Plicati and Lepto-Phlebini) on the basis of the hymenophoral configuration. Most of the older names provided in profusion for the few European species of the section are scrutinized for the correctness of their application. The author prefers the name Cantharellus tubaeformis Fr. 1821 for what is often treated as two (or more) species, C. tubaeformis and C. infundibuliformis; he selects the name C. xanthopus (Pers.) Duby for Craterellus lutescens sensu Fr. Attention is drawn to what may appear to be a distinct species, viz. C. melanoxeros Desm.