With the death on 24 September 1986 of Drs. H.S.C. Huijsman the Dutch mycologists lost one of their ablest and internationally known fellow members as well as a rich source of agaricological information and inspiration. In the early beginning of his professional medical life as an oculist, Huijsman became spellbound by agarics and boleti and their wealth of taxonomical, morphological and biological problems. By dedicated studies in the field and at home with microscope and rapidly growing library, he soon became the leading agaricologist in the Netherlands. Frequently he put his increasing knowledge to the test at mycological forays abroad, particularly in France, where he got acquainted with several of the great mycologists as Maire, Heim, Konrad, Maublanc, Kühner, Romagnesi, Malençon, Josserand, Singer, Pearson, and others.