The genus Melanoleuca (Pat.) Pat. is divided in three subgenera based on the morphology of the cystidia, viz. (i) subgen. Macrocystis, consisting of the sections Alboflavidae, Cognatae and Strictipedes, (ii) subgen. Melanoleuca and (iii) subgen. Urticocystis comprising two sections, viz. Grammopodiae and Humiles. Melanoleuca brevipes, M. cognata, M. exscissa, M. grammopodia, M. melaleuca, M. polioleuca, M. politoinaequalipes, M. rasilis, and M. turrita are redescribed. The following new combinations are introduced: M. exscissa var. iris, M. polioleuca f. oreina, M. rasilis var. leucophylloides, and M. rasilis var. pseudoluscina. Melanoleuca nivea Métrod (nom. nud.) is validated and the following new taxa are described: Melanoleuca atripes, M. cognata var. nauseosa, M. grammopodia f. macrocarpa and M. albifolia.

Persoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi

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Boekhout, T. (1988). Notulae ad Floram agaricinam neerlandicam — XVI. New taxa, new combinations in Melanoleuca Pat. and notes on rare species in the Netherlands. Persoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi, 13(4), 397–431.