A new species is described and a new combination is made in the genus Flagelloscypha: F. montis-anagae Agerer and F. libertiana (Cooke) Agerer; Lachnella rosae W. B. Cooke is recognized as a synonym of. F. libertiana. – Flagelloscypha montisanagae and F. libertiana possess on the fruit-body two different types of surface hairs. — The basidia of these species are bigger and have rather stout sterigmata, the spores are on the average longer than in many typical species of Flagelloscypha. Moreover the spores are often subfalcispora-like and the fruit-bodies are cupulate and broadly stipitate as in the species of Lachnella.¹ — Because of the similarities of these species and their rather isolated position within the genus Flagelloscypha a new section is proposed for this group: Flagelloscypha sect. Lachnelloscypha.