A list of the multicellular marine algae found along the coast of the Netherlands is given, the first complete update on the “Flora van de Nederlandse Zeewieren” (Stegenga & Mol 1983). The number of recognized species has increased from 267 to 327. Of these, 229 are autochthonous, the remainder is only known from drift material [Chlorophyta: 76 autochthonous + 1 drift; Phaeophyta: 73 + 22; Rhodophyta: 80 + 75]. Additions to the flora appear to originate from neighbouring countries as well as from the North Pacific. One new combination is made: Cotaconema dasyae (Collins) Stegenga, Mol, Prud’homme et Lokhorst, now comb. [Basionym: Acrochaetium dasyae Collins, Rhodora 8: 191 (1906)].