The authors report a new locality in the Netherlands (Zeeland) in which Campanula latifolia L. has been found. A description of the vegetation of the site is given and the habitat is compared with the environments in which this species occurs in other countries of Europe. A map of the distributional area was drawn according to the floras of the European countries. So far, the species has been found several times in the Netherlands, but botanists considered such occurrences as incidental escapes (cultivated plants running wild). The data about Dutch localities are analysed and it is demonstrated that the presumption (by the collector or by later interpreters) that the species on the locality would be running wild, in a number of cases does not hold. From the information obtained the conclusion is drawn that, in the Netherlands, Campanula latifolia is either (and probably) a native species, or else an agriophyte (naturalized and completely adapted to native vegetation), but (apart from possible exceptions) not a species incidentally running wild.