Until recently Equisetum telmateia was a very rare species of spring habitats in woodlands in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Since 1972, the species has been found in other (mainly western) parts of the country in different habitats: in roadverges, along ditches, on a dike and on embanked sand flats. Observations outside the Netherlands show that E. telmateia can grow abundantly in roadverges and along ditches (e.g. along the Lagoon of Venice) often together with E. arvense. E. telmateia can probably establish (by developing a prothallium or gametophyte) itself only in wet and mostly calcareous habitats on bare soil or in a sparse vegetation, as do various other Equisetum species. Once established, the species can spread by rhizomes, also to habitats where a prothallium never can develop, for instance to dry verges and dike slopes.