Eight Stereocaulon (Lichenes) species have been found in the Netherlands. Of these S. paschale (L.) Fr. and S. tomentosum Fr. have been observed only in the last century, in heather and woodland on sand. S. condensatum Hoffm. is found on old drifted sands in the interior, where it occurs now and is not rare locally. S. saxatile occurs on the same sites but is not common. The other, epilitic species were discovered in this century. S. dactylophyllum Flk. and S. evolutum Graewe grow on a few erratic boulders. S. pileatum Ach. and S. vesuvianum Pers. have been found several times recently, on artificial substrates. S. condensatum of the sands shows a somewhat aberrant form: the primary phyllocladia are usually less flattened, and often develop into branched structures of several mm length, see fig. 2, a. A key, brief descriptions and data on chemistry of the indigenous species are given.