This paper gives a survey of the forms of Scorpiurus muricatus L. In contradistinction to Thellung who distinguished in his “Flore adventice de Montpellier” 4 subspecies, the present authors subdivide the species into 2 subspecies, each with some varieties. They can be identified with the aid of the following key. In using this key, one must be aware of the fact that several transitions between the subspecies and the varieties exist. 1. Calyx-teeth triangular, shorter than to about as long as the tube. Pod loosely coiled, almost in one plane. Ribs of pod all smooth or only the outer ones muricate or spiny; spines stout, at most as long as the diameter of the pod. Seeds mostly slightly curved subsp. muricatus 2. Ribs of pod all smooth ........... var. laevigatus (Sibth. & Sm.) Boiss. 2.’ Ribs of pod partly muricate or spiny. 3. Ribs of pod muricate ...................... var. muricatus 3. Ribs of pod spiny ................... var. sulcatus (L.) Fiori 1.’ Calyx-teeth narrowly triangular, as long as to longer than the tube. Pod irregularly twisted. Ribs of pod for the greater part spiny. Seeds mostly strongly curved. . subsp. subvillosus (L.) Thell. 4. Spines slender, flexible, mostly longer than the diameter of the pod .... var. subvillosus 4.’ Spines stouter and shorter ......... var. breviaculeatus (Battand. & Trab.) Thell.