In addition to the papers of HILLEGERS (1969), LONDO (1969), and WEEDA (1970) on the occurrence of Gagea lutea in the Netherlands, a description is given of the only known locality of this species at Hertsberge (prov. West Vlaanderen, Belgium) in the Flanders District. Gagea lutea, Ranunculus ficaria, R. auricomus, Anemone nemorosa, and Primula elatior are the only woodland species which have remained after the original wood was laid down to grass in 1953. The vegetation now belongs to the Agropyro repentis-Aegopodietum podagrariae. A relevé is given of a nearby Alno-Ulmion wood of the Aegopodio—Fraxinetum which very probably resembles the situation before 1953.