The style of the bisexual flowers of the Compositae has always been an important character for the delimination of tribus and subfamilies (Hoffmann, 1897; Cronquist, 1952). Phalacroloma annuum (fig. 1, b) differs greatly in this character from its relatives in Aster and Erigeron (fig. 1, a). The style of P. annuum shows features that are more commonly met in Anthemideae (fig. 1, c) or Senecioneae (fig. 1, d). The author values this character so highly, that he uses it to keep Phalacroloma Cass. as a genus apart from Erigeron. It is shown that Phalacroloma is the valid name to be used for this genus. In a second part of the article the occurrence of P. annuum in the Netherlands is discussed. The author arrives at the conclusion that in the early 19th century an extension of a secondary area of this species in Central Europe reached the Netherlands and that from that time on the species belongs to the Netherlands flora.