Dryopteris tavelii Rothm. (fig. 1, c—h) has been found in the Netherlands in several localities. The morphological characters are enumerated and compared with those of D. filix-mas (L.) Schott (fig. 1, a—b) and D. borreri Newm. (fig. 1, i). D. tavelii showing a considerable variation in its characters, the rather current opinion that all its forms resemble habitually D. borreri much more than D. filix-mas, is erroneous. The possible occurrence of secondary hybridization (D. tavelii ♂ X D. filix-mas ♀) must not be excluded. Not all forms of the hybrid-swarm reproduce apogamously, a quite sterile form, with relatively many characters of D. filix-mas, having been found at Winterswijk. D. borreri has never been recorded from the Netherlands. Correctie bij Pteridologische aantekeningen, 1: In Gorteria 1 (6), p. 58, 3e alinea, regel 8—10, leze men: Sporen van A. ruta-muraria zijn ongeveer 50—51 µ lang, van A. adiantum-nigrum (s.s.) ongeveer 44 µ en van de bastaard meestal kleiner dan 27 µ.