Sphacelaria plumigera Holmes is reported from 8 localities in the province of Zeeland (Netherlands). The differences between this species and S. plumosa Lyngb., with which it has been confounded, are given, and its habitat is described. The species occurs in the upper part of the sublittoral and the lowest part of the eulittoral, and is uncovered only during the spring ebb. It shows a preference for sheltered localities and has been found in the following algal communities: Polysiphonieto-Chaetomorphetum, Codieto-Hypoglossetum, and in the vegetation of Laminaria saccharina. The species is limited to the euhalinicum and does not occur in the brackish waters of the estuaries. Unilocular sporangia have been found in February, March and April. Finally the geographic distribution of the species is recorded.