In the spring of 1983 special attention was paid to the occurrence of springflowers in the lesser known northwest, northeast and southeast parts of the Netherlands. On cemeteries one often finds a rather complete set of these spring flowers, representative for the surrounding hour-square. Moreover these may turn out to harbour rare species, e.g. Gagea villosa. In Nijmegen the author recorded Crassula tillaea in one and Holosteum umbellatum in two cemeteries. C. tillaea is restricted to sandy sites in the vicinity of clayey soils; recently it was only recorded in some localities on the fringe of the Veluwe and Utrechtse Heuvelrug. From Nijmegen two older records are known. C. tillaea thrives on somewhat condensed sandy substratum on the edges of paths; unlike the situation at other localities, no shadow is available on the Nijmegen location. Holosteum grows on loose, coarse sand slightly shadowed by tombstones or hedges.