This paper deals with the flora and vegetation of two small woods in the northern part of the prov. Drente. These woods are comparatively rich in species for the region in question, probably owing to the richer soil. Wood associations present are: Querco-Betuletum, Violo-Quercetum, Stellario-Carpinetum, Carici remotae-Fraxinetum, Pruno-Fraxinetum (not very typical), Macrophorbio-Alnetum, Irido-Alnetum, and Frangulo-Salicetum. The epiphytic vegetation is also discussed. Interesting species, many of which are very rare in this province of the Netherlands, are Salix pentandra, Adoxa moschatellina, Carex sylvatica, Circaea lutetiana, Crepis paludosa, Equisetum sylvaticum, Hypericum pulchrum, Lysimachia nemorum, Sanicula europaea, Scutellaria minor and the bryophytes Plagiotheciella latebricola and Sphagnum inundatum. The last-named species presents some abnormal characters and probably represents a variety new to science. The habitat and surrounding vegetation of Carex sylvatica and Scutellaria minor is dealt with in detail. A complete list of species is given for these two woods and is compared with that of a third similar wood in the vicinity.