1. Navarretia squarrosa (Eschsch.) Hook. & Arn. is mentioned here in addition to our last paper on the Netherlands adventitious flora, published in Gorteria 1, no. 10, 1963, p. 113—117. The species was found in 1962 near Joure, prov. Friesland, and was most probably introduced with bird-seed. 2. All Dutch specimens formerly named Erodium chium (Burm. f.) Willd. and E. cygnorum Nees appear to belong to the Australian E. crinitum Carolin. This species was found as an alien near the wool-mills at Tilburg, prov. N. Brabant and along the river Meuse near Meers, Grevenbicht, and Itteren, prov. Limburg. In the last named localities it was most probably introduced from the wool-factories along the Vesdre in Belgium. Differences between E. cygnorum and E. crinitum are discussed.