A checklist of Malesian, Australian and Tropical Western Pacific Araceae is provided, giving generic names, specific and infraspecific binomials and trinomials (generally not below the level of variety), basionyms, synonyms at generic and lower levels, protologues at specific and lower levels, type specimens or equivalent elements and their locations, distribution of accepted taxa and status (native, introduced or unknown), coded revision status of accepted genera and nomenclatural notes where necessary. In total 1,437 names are listed. Thirty-six genera are currently accepted.

Blumea. Supplement

Released under the CC-BY 4.0 ("Attribution") License

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Hay, A., Boyce, P., Hetterscheid, W. L. A., Jacobsen, N., Murata, J., & Bogner, J. (1995). Checklist of the Araceae of Malesia, Australia, and the tropical western Pacific region. Blumea. Supplement, 8(1), 1–161.