I have already published in the Malayan Orchid Review, 1936, pp. 104—109, a brief account of two artificial hybrids in the genera Arachnis and Renanthera, and since then have had flowers of a third for examination. The account already written is of a semipopular nature, intended chiefly for orchid-growers, and a more detailed description with some remarks on the botanical aspects of the question appear to be worth publishing. The three hybrids concerned are Arachnis flosaeris X A. Hookeriana, Arachnis Hookeriana X Renanthera coccinea and Arachnis Hookeriana X Renanthera Storiei. All three were raised at the Botanic Gardens, Singapore. The first is of interest because the hybrid is practically identical with Arachnis Maingayi, which has been described as a natural species. The intergeneric hybrids are the first of their kind to be described, and the way in which the different generic characters interact in the formation of the lip of their hybrids is of great interest. First hybrids between orchid species are usually closely intermediate between the two parents, but where the characters contrast strongly, as in the midlobe of the lip of the genera concerned, a strictly intermediate condition is not possible.