With reference to and in continuation of our elaborate announcement in Blumea VI, nr. 2, 1950, p. 544—545, it is a pleasure to report now the publication of Vol. I, entitled: Malaysian plant collectors and collections, being a cyclopaedia of botanical exploration in Malaysia and a guide to the concerned literature up to the year 1950 by Mrs. M. J. van Steenis—Kruseman (CLII + 639 pp., 3 maps and about 220 illustrations). The General Part (roman page numbers) comprises introductory paragraphs (aim of work, interesting data and hints on labeling, lists of illustrations and literature of use to collectors and investigators, terminology of altitudinal zones, and the use of vernacular names) as well as chapters on the technique of botanical exploration and collecting, on the phytogeographical delimitation and subdivision of Malaysia, on the collections made in the area concerned (arranged both chronologically and geographically, with 1 map), statistics of collections and desiderata for further exploration with 2 maps), sources consulted for the data mentioned (literature and herbaria), and samples of handwritings of 70 collectors and botanists.