Arbor 25 m alta ramulis glabris foliis glabris 3 ad 6 cm longis et 1,5 ad 2,5 cm latis nervis primariis 5 ad 10 paribus petiolo 2 ad 5 mm longo. Inflorescentia racemosa pedicellis brevissimis bracteis foliaceis sed apicem inflorescentiae versus haud foliaceis caducis bracteolis ciliatis 2,5 ad 3 mm longis demum caducis. Calyx glabrus quinquelobatus lobis 1 ad 1,5 mm longis divisus. Corolla glabra 8-10 mm longa. Stamina multa. Discus quinqueglandulatus sparsim pilosus base styli pilosa. Ovarium glabrum 2,5 mm altum. Fructus ignotus. – Typus: de Vogel & Vermeulen 7199 (L), Sulawesi Utara, Bolaang Mongondow. Tree 25 m high and 25 cm ø. Twigs glabrous. Leaves glabrous, elliptic, 3-6 by 1.5-2.5 cm with cuneate to somewhat rounded base, crenulate margin, and rounded or hardly acuminate apex with blunt tip; nerves in 5-10 pairs, faintly prominent on the undersurface, meeting in an also faintly prominent intramarginal vein; reticulation coarse. Petiole 2-5 mm. Inflorescence a leafy raceme, but pedicels very short, axis glabrous or pilose; bracts resembling foliage leaves (sometimes solitary flowers in the axils of the upper foliage leaves), the largest 2 cm long, flowers at the top of the racemes, or in other racemes all flowers, probably suspended by normal bracts, but all fallen; bracteoles ciliate, 2.5-3 mm, later caducous than the bracts. Calyx glabrous, divided into 5 ciliate 1-1.5 mm long lobes; corolla glabrous, 8-10 mm long; stamens many (more than 100); ovary glabrous, 2.5 mm high; disk 5-glandular, sparsely hairy; style base hairy. Fruits not known.