Didymocarpus sect. Elati Ridley, later reduced by its author to sect. Didymocarpus, is redefined and reinstated for the accommodation of 4 or 5 morphologically distinctive Malayan species: D. corchorifolius DC. (Pulau Penang, S. Thailand), D. antirrhinoides A. Weber, sp. nov. (confused under the former by Ridley; widely distributed on the Malay Peninsula), D. sp. (not yet adequately known; Pulau Tioman), D. sulphureus Ridley (on some hills of the main range), and D. robustus Ridley (endemic on G. Kerbau). Essential characters are tall, woody habit, bilobed stigma, and conoid pigmented glands. The species that have been associated with the above are surveyed. It is concluded that, with the exception of D. citrinus Ridley which seems to form a link from sect. Didymocarpus to sect. Elati, none is closely allied.