In Radermachera 16 named species (among which three new) are keyed out. The genus Mayodendron is reduced to Radermachera; one new combination is made. One Phillippine species known only from a presumably lost type remains doubtful. About 34 names are put into synonymy, many of which for the first time. Species are listed and provided with references and critical notes; for most species the sheets examined are cited. Types are cited and all except one have been examined. Six names are excluded from the genus and are referred to other names. In the key to the species I have also included the species of genera similar to Radermachera, viz. Pauldopia and Barnettia, for the convenience of other workers. The African genus Fernandoa is extended to occur in Indo-Malesia by the reduction of Spathodeopsis, Haplophragma, and Hexaneurocarpon, and to Madagascar by reduction of the genus Kigelianthe. A key is given to the six Indo-Malesian species, with references and specimens examined, and the six necessary new combinations are made. Domatia and stellate hairs are recorded for the first time.