Ten new species have been proposed in the following genera: Gluta (5), Swintonia (1), and Melanochyla to- Seventeen new combinations have been made in the following genera: Gluta (11), Melanochyla (3), Semecarpus (1), Drimycarpus (1), and Nothopegia (1). Abaxial epidermal papillae of leaves occur in seven genera. Their patterns (as observed under low magnification), which can be used sometimes as diagnostic characters, are grouped and representative species listed. The genus Drimycarpus is newly recorded for the flora of Malesia. The generic delimitation of Gluta and Melanorrhoea has been reviewed, and reasons are given why the latter is merged with the former. Coalescent cotyledons, recorded until now only for Gluta renghas, have been found occurring also in other species of the genus Gluta. An Indian species described as Ficus (Moraceae), suggested to be an Anacardiaceous plant, belongs to Nothopegia (extra-Malesian genus). A historical review and typification for the subdivisions of Mangifera have been made; two sections of this genus have been accepted and their representatives listed. Notes are given for various taxa on their taxonomy, nomenclature, typification, distribution, gross morphological characters, etc., and for dubious and excluded species.