As a companion to an exhibition in the Austrian National Library Dr. Walter Lack compiled a catalogue describing in detail the exhibited books and manuscripts, discussing also the major illustrators. Garden Eden, aptly subtitled ‘Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration’, is a beautifully illustrated and carefully edited book. It contains a wealth of information on botanical books and illustrators. The subjects are chronologically ordered, running from about 512, Code Aniciae Julianae, to 2000, Ein Garten für die Ewigkeit. The works chosen for the exhibition and for the book Garden Eden give ample opportunity to demonstrate different styles and techniques of illustration and different printing techniques. Included are examples of black and white drawings, watercolour, oil painting and nature printing, and examples of illustrations of whole plants down to very detailed drawings of flowers and fruits, sometimes including anatomical details. In this way the book gives also an overview of the development of illustration and printing from handwritten manuscripts to off-set printed books. The texts, which by the way are offered in English, French and German, are concise but give enough information about authors and illustrators. A bibliography and several indices complete the book