The genus Caelospermum Blume is revised, and a key to the 7 species recognized is presented. Caelospermum consists of lianas and, sometimes, shrubs. The genus is distributed in SE. Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Caroline Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, E. Australia and New Caledonia. Caelospermum is closely related to Morinda, Pogonolobus and Gynochthodes, from which it differs by inflorescence and pollen morphology, etc. Caelospermum paniculatum F. Muell. var. syncarpum J.T. Johansson is described and two recombinations, C. volubile (Merr.) J.T. Johansson and C. salomoniense (Engl.) J.T. Johansson, are made. All species are illustrated with line drawings, and distribution maps are provided.