The Index Kewensis seems too well known for more than an announcement. On the other hand, however, it is of so great practical value to the plant taxonomist that even the slightest change may be distinctly practical or not. And thanks to the use made of the computer there are some changes this time. The most important one, distinctly for the better, is the fact that whereas Supplement 17 still came out with the about normal time lapse of seven years, Supplement 18 was published only about 1½ year after the closing date. The yearly Kew Index, the first issue of which is also announced here, will even reduce this lapse to less than one year! Furthermore, from 1986 on in the Kew Index, and accordingly in the Index Kewensis, the Ferns and Fern allies will also be included. A change to the worse was that the very practical list of ‘New and overlooked generic names listed under families’ was discontinued in Supplement 17. Luckily, this list was reinstated in Supplement 18. One wish for the Supplements to come: the computer may make it possible to give cross references from the basionym to new combinations, new names etc. Doubtless, this would make it easier to trace the way a name has gone and not to lose sight of it.