This important book contains a clear, modern introduction to the cytology, morphology and systematics of the algae, providing a wealth of information for all those studying or working with these organisms. It takes in account recent re-evaluations in algal systematics and phylogeny, and these two main fields are the most extensively covered. The re-evaluations have been made necessary by insights provided by molecular genetics, electron microscopy, and new life history studies. The introduction gives thought about classification, evolution and phylogeny and is directly followed by the chapters on the main algal groups. There the principal characteristics of each group are outlined, usually followed by chapters on size and distribution of the division, as well as on its structure and characteristics, its systematics, and its phylogeny. Occasionally only general remarks and some typical examples are discussed in smaller divisions, while in the two largest divisions, the Heterokontophyta and especially the Chlorophyta, many classes are treated separately.