More than twenty years have elapsed since the senior author (H. J. Lam) recognized Haplolobus as a genus separate from Canarium. In the mean time much newly collected material has become available and in view of the intended revision for Flora Malesiana, the time has come to sum up our present knowledge. It must be said first of all that this knowledge, in spite of a considerable progress, is still far from satisfactory. Not only is much of the material sterile, but the genus however small it is, more and more proves to be an extremely difficult one to handle in a practicable way. Whether or not this is due to its phylogenetic youth is of little consequence. The fact stands that we have to deal with a genus in which the subgeneric limits, even if intuitively recognizable to the experienced eye, are so evasive as to make it extremely difficult to show them clearly to the man of practice who has to work with the species and the names attributed to them.