The 3rd of January 1969, Johannes Hendrikus Kern, principal scientific officer of the Rijksherbarium, officially retired on reaching the age limit of 65 years. Though this in no way, I trust, means an interruption in the scientific work of Mr Kern, it provides a welcome occasion to dwell upon his noteworthy career and scientific achievement. Born December 21st, 1903, at Nijmegen, he intended to be a teacher, for which he obtained the diploma in 1922 in his native town. This was soon followed by additional diplomas, for head-teacher in 1927, for French in 1928, and for German in 1933, testimonies of his ambition, energy, and capability to develop his knowledge for educational purpose. From 1922—1927 he was an elementary school teacher at Mill, 1927—1940 at Vlaardingen; 1940—1942 he served as head-teacher at Dedemsvaart, 1942—1946 at Gorinchem, 1946—1949 at Nijmegen.