Professor Holttum’s book on the ferns of Malaya has been regarded a major contribution to the systematics of ferns. It is the result of several decades of active study by an expert botanist. Based on both living and dried material, it goes far beyond that what is generally found in a flora. There is still no general agreement among pteridologists as to the division and status of the major groups, their nomenclature, etc. and the comments Holttum added to most of the larger groups, often implying original ideas, are of particular interest. Besides, detailed ecological information is provided for nearly all the species involved. It is therefore not surprising that after a second printing in 1960, the book became soon out of print again. Another unchanged reprint was unsatisfactorily as in recent years several species new to Malaya were discovered (mainly thanks to Mrs Allen) and important new information on several groups has become available. A revision of the book seemed recommendable but fell outside the scope of the author’s present activities.