During the year 1936 the first of us made a trip to the island of Enggano (W. coast of Sumatra, Residency of Benkoelen) for the special purpose of collecting Cryptogams. During this trip also a number of Phanerogams could he gathered. The collections made are preserved at the Rijksherbarium at Leiden, duplicates are to be found in the Herbarium at Buitenzorg. The Phanerogams were preliminary identified by Dr. D. F. VAN SLOOTEN Leguminosae, Flacourtiaceae, Combretaceae, Gramineae) and by Dr. C. G. G. J. VAN STEENIS). Afterwards some additional determinations were made by several specialists (BREMEKAMP, HENRARD, JONKER, Miss KOSTER, LAM, J.J. SMITH, UITTIEN) and by the authors. It resulted that a few species proved to be hitherto undescribed. Two of them will be published below, together with two others met with in the collections of the Rijksherbarium during our investigations. Some others will be published elsewhere in this periodical.