An account of Pothos for Thailand and Indochina [taken here to comprise Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao P.D.R, Vietnam, subtropical China (Guangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hainan, Hong Kong, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan)] and Taiwan is presented as a precursor of the forthcoming Flora of Thailand treatment. Fourteen species are recognised; one newly described and three validated for the first time. Extensive new synonymies are proposed. Pothos hermaphroditus (syn. Batis hermaphrodita), P. angustifolius (syn. P. scandens var. helferianus), P. leptospadix, P. cognatus (syn. P. scandens var. cognatus) P. zollingerianus (syn. P. scandens var. zollingerianus). P. horsfieldii, P. scandens var. javanica, P. scandens var. zeylanica. P. scandens var. sumatrana. and P. scandens forma angustior are reduced to P. scandens; Pothos balansae, P. cathcartii, P. chinensis var. lotienensis, and P. warburghii to P. chinensis; Pothos ellipticus, P. grandispathus, and P. ridleyanus to P. kingii; Pothos penicilliger to P. lancifolius; and Pothos peninsularis, P. kunstleri, and P. maingayi to P. curtisii. Brief discussions of geography, shoot architecture and life form are presented. Dichotomous and multi-access keys to species and a geographical species finder-list are provided. All species are illustrated.