A complete revision of the genus Dolicholobium placed in the tribe Cinchoneae with a general discussion of taxonomic affinities and architecture. In total 28 species are recognized of which 14 new, described by M.E. Jansen: D. barbatum, D. cordatum, D. crassicarpum, D. glabrum, D. linearilobum, D. longifructum, D. minutilobum, D. moluccense subsp. moluccense and subsp. fusiformis, D. nakiki, D. parviflorum, D. ridsdalei, D. riuense, D. rheophilum, D. seruiense. Keys are provided to all species and separate keys to the species of the Solomon Islands and Fiji. The previously known Malesian species are treated in abbreviated form. A complete list of scientific names is included.