A review is made of tribe Dimorphandreae and a new key is provided for the five genera belonging to it. The genus Brandzeia Baill. from Madagascar is discarded as it is founded on a mixture of different other genera. In the past insufficient attention has been paid to three characters which distinctly count in generic distinctions in this tribe, viz. the occurrence of pellucid glands in the leaves and flowers, whether the leaflets are alternate or opposite, and whether the floral parts are inserted on a epigynous, cup-shaped receptacle or whether this is absent. The genus Sympetalandra is found to be quite distinct from Erythrophleum, several characteristics remind more of Mora. The genus Sympetalandra is redefined and a key is provided for the distinction of five species, among which two are new, while two other ones needed a new combination. Hitherto Sympetalandra was known from Sumatra, Malaya, Borneo, and the Philippines, but now it is also known from Flores in the Lesser Sunda Islands.