Bazziana is a richly developed genus of Hepaticae, as compared to other hepatics represented by large and conspicuous plants of a creeping habit, with ineubous leaves and dichotomously branched shoots, which adhere to the substratum by many flagelliform branches, which are provided with reduced leaves and arise from the axils of underleaves. After the author had collected material of some 20 species in West Java, he attempted to get some knowledge of the whole genus as it occurs in Java, and of the differences from the Bazzania flora of other islands in the Malaysian region. This study is presented here as a preliminary one, and as a forerunner to a fuller treatment of the genus for the whole Malaysian region. Some species are still only known from scanty type collections and their status is rather uncertain. A detailed study of the sexual branches, the perianths and involucra is not attempted here, because the available material is still very incomplete in this respect.