In my first paper on Malaysian Convolvulaceae in Blumea III, 1938, p. 62—94, I pointed out (p. 83) that Neuropeltis racemosa Wall, has often been confounded both in literature and in herbaria with another species from the Malay Peninsula, N. Maingayi Peter. Moreover, on p. 85, I expressed my doubt whether specimens from Indo China, mentioned in literature as N. racemosa Wall, (by Gagnepain & Courchet in Lecomte, Flore Generale de l’Indo-Chine IV, 1915, p. 290, fig. 31) actually belong to that species. A more detailed study of materials from Indo China has now brought to light, that the plants from that country are different from those occurring in the Malay Peninsula and that they represent a new, though closely related, species. Specimens from the west coast of British India (Kanara, Malabar) also appeared to be different from N. racemosa, under which name they are mentioned by Beddome, Clarke, Cooke and Gamble.