Saraca staminibus 4 fertilibus, filamentis liberis, 21—25 mm longis; staminodia desunt; tubo calycis 55-70 mm longo, fauce 4-5 mm lata; bracteis atque bracteolis persistentibus, erectopatentibus, 2-3 mm longis. — T y p u s : de Vogel 3008 (L; iso BO). Shrub c. 1 m tall. Leaves 2—4-jugate, glabrous, subsessile, top of rhachis without free appendage; leaflets membranous, drying olivaceous, oblong to oblong lanceolate, at base short-attenuate, top acuminate, 13—22 x 4.5—8 cm, the basal leaflets smallest; basal and apical glands present, very minute. Corymbs glabrous, rather compact, including flowers c. 7—9 cm diam., consisting of 2 or 3 racemose main branches each 2—2.5 cm long, at base c. 1.5 mm diam., each with c. 10 flowers; these dispersed, the pedicels of the lowermost flowers longest, 10—17 mm long; bracts ovate-triangular to long-triangular, glabrous with finely remotely-fimbriate margin (fimbriae c. 0.2 mm), 2—3 mm long, persistent; bracteoles of about the same size as the bracts, long-triangular to oblong, top acute or bluntish, glabrous, with minutely fimbriate edge, 2—3 mm long, rather erecto-patent and more or less clasping the pedicel, not spreading. Flowers somewhat fleshy, glabrous; pedicel stoutish, 10—17 mm, the bracteoles inserted 4—6 mm below the calyx tube; calyx tube 55—70 mm long, gradually tapering to the base, 4—5 mm wide at the throat, base articulated; calyx lobes 4, broadly ovate-elliptic, 10—13 x 5—9 mm. Perfect stamens 4, inserted in the throat, at base united by a very low rim (or ‘disc’) c. 0.5 mm high, staminodes absent; filaments 21—25 mm long, deleted towards the base; anthers not seen (see notes). Vestigial pistil (present only in some flowers) glabrous, vestigial ovary c. 3 mm long, with a c. 2 mm long coiled style with minute stigma; fertile pistil not seen. Pod not seen.