Arbor c. 13 m alta. Ramuli c. 8 mm diam. dense ferrugineo-puberuli, glabrati; medulla fasciculis vasorum multis pro parte peripheralibus suffulta. Stipulae in basi petioli insertae, liguliformes, c. 1 cm longae, parte inferiore angustate et ± applanata, c. 5 mm longa, parte superiore ovata, c. 5 mm longa, 3 mm lata. Folia 3- vel 4-jugata, c. 40 cm longa; petiolus c. 9 cm longus, sicut rhachis et petioluli sparse breviter pilosus; petioluli laterales 1–1¼ cm longi; petiolulus terminalis 3—4½ cm longus; folioli lanceolato-ovati, subconvexi, 20—22 cm longi, 5—7 cm lati, chartacei, supra in costa, subtus in costa, nervis venisque subdense breviter ferrugineo-pilosi; basi oblique rotundata; margine paullo revoluta et integra; apice gradatim acuminato, acumine acuto c. 1 cm longo; costa supra prominula, subtus prominente, utroque latere nervis c. 20 patentibus vel subtransversis, paullo curvatis, praeter marginem abrupte arcuato-conjunctis, supra planis, subtus prominulis, venis utrinque reticulato-prominubs. Infructescentiae axillares, anguste thyrsoideae, usque ad 9 cm longae, ramulis lateralibus transversis, usque ad 1 cm longis, cymas 1—3-floras gerentibus; calyces fructigeri infundibuliformes, trilobati, ¾ cm diam., disco trilobato denseque ciliato. Fructus (immaturi) fusiformes, sectione transversa rotundati vel triangulati, 2¾ cm longi, 1¼ cm diam., parte apicali dense pilosa excepta glabri; pyrena laevis, valvis c. 2 mm crassis, loculis 3 aequalibus. Tree, c. 13 m high, girth 1.20—1.50 m, with up to c. 75 cm high thick buttresses. Branchlets c. 8 mm thick, densely appressed ferruginous hairy, late glabrescent; pith with several vascular strands, partly arranged in a peripheral cylinder, the central ones either scattered or partly forming a second cylinder; central pith apparently rather soon disappearing. Leaves 3—5-jugate. Stipules attached at or on the base of the petiole, spoonshaped, about 1 cm long, the lower half parallel-sided, narrow, flattish, grading into the narrowly ovate blade which is c. 5 by 3 mm. Petiole terete but for the slightly flattened base, 8—12 cm long, rather densely short-hairy as are the rachis and the petiolules; lateral petiolules 7—12 mm long, terminal one 3—4 cm. Leaflets lanceolate-ovate, slightly convex, 20—22 by 5—7 cm, chartaceous, rather densely ferruginous short-hairy, above mainly on the midrib, beneath moreover on all nerves and veins; base ± rounded, oblique; margin entire, slightly revolute; apex tapering acuminate, acumen c. 1 cm long, slender, acute; midrib slightly raised above, strongly so beneath, nerves about 20 per side, spreading to nearly transverse, slightly curved, strongly bent and distinctly joined quite near the margin, hardly prominent to slightly sunken above, prominulous beneath, reticulation sloghtly raised on both sides. Inflorescences (only ♂ known) axillary, narrowly thyrsoid, 8 cm long, lateral branches nearly transverse, up to 1 cm long stalked, terminated by a 3 – or 2-flowered cyme, short-hairy, glabrescent; bracts caducous; pedicels c. 3 mm. Flowers only ♂ buds known, these ellipsoid, closed. Calyx 3½ mm high, outside rather densely appressed short fulvous-hairy, inside densely appressed hairy. Corolla in bud c. 4 mm, outside densely appressed hairy the margin and the base excepted. Stamens 6; filaments glabrous, in bud less than halfway up connate; anthers 2 mm long, connective slightly hooked at the apex. Disk obovoid-cylindrical, 1½ mm high, the thickened upper half in- and outside pilose; pistillode c. ½ mm. Infructescences up to c. 9 cm long; calyx funnel-shaped, 3-lobed, ¾ cm diam., with a 3-lobed, ciliate disk. Fruits (not yet fully developed) spindle-shaped, in cross-section orbicular to triangular, 2¾ by 1¼ cm, near the apex rather densely hairy, furthermore glabrous; kernel smooth, lids c. 2 mm thick, all 3 cells equally well developed.