The Australasian/Malesian group of genera Amylotheca, Cyne, Decaisnina, Lampas, Lepeostegeres and Loxanthera is reviewed. Particular attention is given to the species of the Malesian region, as a precursor to a treatment of Loranthaceae for Flora Malesiana. The genera are part of a floristic element of Gondwanan derivation which has diversified in the southeast Asian and western Malesian region, and has reached the Papuasian/Australasian region from the west following the establishment of Charles’s Line. The six genera comprise 46 species ( Amylotheca 4, Cyne 6, Decaisnina 25, Lampas 1, Lepeostegeres 9, Loxanthera 1). Along with the Australian genus Lysiana (8 species) they form a natural group with tribal or subtribal status. Major centres of species richness are in Borneo, the Philippines, and New Guinea. Revised genus and species circumscriptions necessitate a number of nomenclatural changes to earlier regional treatments. Three species are described as new, viz., Cyne baetorta, C. monotrias and Decaisnina longipes. There are 15 new combinations, viz., Cyne papuana, C. perfoliata, Decaisnina aherniana, D. amplexicaulis, D. angustata, D. celebica, D. confertiflora, D. crassilimba, D. cumingii, D. miniata, D. ovatifolia, D. revoluta, D. sumbawensis, D. viridis, and D. zollingeri.