The following seven Habenaria species have been reported from the Fiji Islands: H. aliformis C. Schweinf., H. cynosorchidacea C. Schweinf., H. maculifera C. Schweinf., H. scrotiformis L.O. Williams, H. superflua Reichb. f., H. supervacanea Reichb. f. and H. tradescantifolia Reichb. f. A critical study has demonstrated that only two of this list – H. superflua and H. supervacanea — show the essential characters of the genus. The following three – namely H. aliformis, H. maculifera and H. scrotiformis – have to be transferred to Peristylus. It is noteworthy that among the subtribe Habenariinae the genus Peristylus is dominating in the Polynesian region. The situation of H. tradescantifolia Reichb. f. is somewhat confused: the type quoted by the author (‘ Seemann no. 608, ex parte’) does not correspond with the published description. From this inhomogeneous entity, the component deviating from Reichenbach‘s diagnosis has been separated by Schlechter as H. cyrtostigma, which is, according to our findings, conspecific with Peristylus papuanus (Krzl.) J.J. Smith from New Guinea. No authentic specimen has been found in herbaria matching H. tradescantifolia Reichb. f., s.str. (in conformity with the description); the nature of this taxon remains therefore obscure. Finally H. cynosorchidacea turned out to be identical with Cynorkis fastigiata Thou, from the Mascarenes. The disjunct dispersal of this plant is discussed. According to our present knowledge the following members of the Habenariinae can be recognized for the Flora of Fiji: Habenaria superflua Reichb. f., H. supervacanea Reichb. f., Peristylus aliformis (C. Schweinf.) Renz & Vodonaivalu, P. maculiferus (C. Schweinf.) Renz & Vodonaivalu, P. papuanus (Krzl.) J.J. Smith, P. scrotiformis (L.O. Williams) Renz & Vodonaivalu, and Cynorkis fastigiata Thou.

Blumea: Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants

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Renz, Jany, & Vodonaivalu, Saula. (1989). Studies in the subtribe Habenariinae (Orchidaceae). IV. Habenaria, Peristylus, and Cynorkis from the Fiji Islands. Blumea: Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants, 34(1), 87–98.