p. 562 line 14 add: — Luteidiscus St. John, Bot. Jahrb. 94 (1974) 549. Remark: St. John described the new genus Luteidiscus, which differs from Tetramolopium only by the colour of the corolla of the disc-flowers, being yellow in Luteidiscus and purplish in Tetramolopium. When considering the colour in the New Guinea species of Tetramolopium as given by the collectors we find for T. macrum (F. v. M.) Mattfeld var. macrum (dark-)yellow, (dark-)yellowish-brown, (pale-)purple, or purplish (Koster in Nova Guinea, Bot. 24, 1966: 571); for T. macrum var. album Koster purple, purplish, purple-brown, brown, (pale-)yellow with brown tips, dark- or yellowish-brown (l.c. 572); for T. macrum var. glabrescens Koster (light-)yellow, light brownish-purple, lobes with light purplish-red apices (l.c. 572); for T. klossii (S. Moore) Mattfeld f. klossii yellowgreen or purple (l.c. 585); for T. klossii f. lanceolatum Koster yellowish or yellow-brown (l.c. 586). From this we may conclude, that it is not possible to make a distinction between Tetramolopium and Luteidiscus. Consequently, the eight new combinations in Luteidiscus by St. John, based on New Guinea species of Tetramolopium (l.c. 554) should be considered as synonyms of the species of Tetramolopium on which they are based.