Among recent collections from the evergreen forests of Mysore State in southern India, material was found of Capparis cleghornii Dunn which had only been known from the original collection made by Cleghorn in 1846 and from a Stocks specimen from “Kanara”. Further scrutiny of fresh collections from the type locality established the identity. Mr M. Jacobs of the Rijksherbarium, Leyden, who is engaged in a study of die genus, informed us that little material was known and that he never had seen a fruit. The original description by Dunn is quite brief. A more detailed description is given below, based on living material which accounts for the larger sizes of the parts than are found in dried specimens. A considerable amount of collections have been made and a number of duplicates have recendy been distributed to the Herbaria at Kew, Leyden, Paris, Berlin, and Geneva. Capparis cleghornii Dunn, Kew Bull. (1916) 61, descr.; in Gamble, Fl. Madras 1 (1915) 46, nomen; Blatter, J. Bomb. Nat. Hist. Soc. 31 (1927) 905. — Fig. 1.