With the death of Andre (‘Dok’) Kostermans, at the age of 88, a truly extraordinary personality has passed away. Dok had bravely borne the inconvenience of an increasing number of ailments associated with high age, such as poor eyesight, and had just recovered from a broken hip when his heart condition (angina pectoris) once more became acute. He passed away on 10 July, 1994 in a hospital in Jakarta where he had been transported one day before from his residence at Pasir Muncang, Gadok, some 15 km out of Bogor. His remains have been interred in the small historical cemetery within the Kebun Raya, by special permission of the Government of Indonesia. Kostermans can be ranked as one of the most important post-war Southeast Asian botanists and was the leading expert on Old World Lauraceae. Somewhat contrary to his stature, ‘Dok’ was physically strong; also he was industrious, intelligent, optimistic, and fluent in several languages, all qualities which doubtlessly guided him through a long and hazardous career. He worked hard as a scientist until shortly before his death. He was a controversial person, but liked and loved by many. Kostermans had a natural charisma, and easily established contact with his fellow human beings, irrespective of their political background, rank, class, colour, or nationality. He combined his kind nature with a strong will and determination.