During a geographical survey of the genus Buxus in Malaysia I came across the name Buxus nitidus (Miq.) Hall. ƒ. Med. Rijksherb. n. 37 (1918) 16. This is based on a plant from Sumatra, collected by Teysmann (HB 769) on the coast of Sibolga, and described by Miquel, Fl. Ind. Bat. Suppl. (1861) 444—445, as the representative of a new genus: Austrobuxus nitidus Miq., provided with a generico-specific description. This genus had tentatively been reduced by Bentham & Hooker (Gen. P. 3, 1880, 280) to another genus of the Buxaceae, viz. Sarcococca, notwithstanding its decussate leaves; more specially to S. sumatrana Bl. Mus. Bot. L. B. 2 (1856) 191, of which I could not find the type; no material was cited with its description.